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  • Name: Abbas Al-Lawati


  • Comedy language(s): English


  • Target Audience: English speakers


  • Based in: Oman


  • Has performed in: Oman and U.A.E.


  • Has perfomed with: Maz Jobrani, Ahmed Ahmed, Amer Zahr, Nemr Abou Nasser, Dan Nainan, Simon B Cotter and Rajiv Satyal


  • Willing to travel: Yes


  • Clean set available: Yes


  • Set times: 15, 30 and 45 minutes



Abbas Al Lawati...Comedian, Emcee, borderline DJ. Chose comedy as a career path when rejected by every other organization including KFC. The wide range of skills (including gaining weight without a low calorie diet) just happen to compliment the lousy dressing sense #Fashionista Performing stand up for over six years out of which past two years full time (meaning i have not had an exotic meal for a while now). Regular in Oman's comedy scene doing corporate gigs as well as in pubs and clubs. Observational humor style helps to instantly connect with the audience. Interaction and improvisation is the cornerstone of his set and also the leading reason for him to bomb on stage (bomb = screw up). Two time winner of Dubai's most brutal comedy night called 'Beat The Gong' and runner up at the Dubai Comedy Festival held in 2013.

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