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  • Name: Fady Rizk


  • Comedy language(s): English and Arabic 


  • Target Audience: Everyone


  • Based in: U.S.


  • Has performed in: USA, UAE and Egypt


  • Has perfomed with: Opened for Maz Jobrani and Bassem Youssef and performed at the NYC Arab comedy festival and the NYC big brown show alongside Arab American comedians such as Maysoon Zayid, Dean Obaydalla, Aron Kader and Ramy Youssef, also opened for Simeon Goodson and was on the Comedy Central Arabia show hosted by Ali Elsayed and Mo Amer


  • Willing to travel: Yes


  • Clean set available: Yes


  • Set times: 15, 30 , 45 and 60 minutes



Hailing from the land of the Pharaohs, Fady has performed in comedy clubs all over the world, relaying colorful anecdotes combining his experiences in the Middle East and the US. He has been featured on Comedy Central Arabia’s “Comedy 3alwagef.”. ‘After conquering the world of international brand marketing, Fady has his eyes set on being an Egyptian King of Comedy’ Now based in NYC, Fady performs all over the New York city, and has performed in the Big Brown Comedy Hour and the nyc Arab comedy festival and opened for Maz Jobrani and Bassem Youssef.

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