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  • Name: Nate Eubanks


  • Comedy language(s): English


  • Target Audience: English speaking adults and babies


  • Based in: Kuwait


  • Has performed in: U.S, Canada, France, Kuwait, Qatar, Netherlands, South Africa, Bahrain


  • Has perfomed with: Dan Soder, Ali Fingerz, Rick Sharif, Yousif Taha, IMPROVengers Kuwait


  • Willing to travel: Yes


  • Clean set available: Yes


  • Set times: 15 and 30 minutes



Nate Eubanks was born in smalltown Midwest America. Nate began his comedy career by writing jokes for his brother, Chicago comedian Levi Eubanks. He began performing standup shortly after that. Nate has gone on to perform stand up in eight countries and three continents and been a member of the Kuwait based improv comedy team the IMPROVengers. He has performed in five star hotels in Qatar and backyard garages in Chicago: making people laugh, no matter where. "Nate Eubanks is one of the funniest people I know. When you've been doing comedy for as long as I have, you hear a lot of jokes. You want to know how funny Nate is? I think about one of Nate's jokes at least once a week. You want proof? Nate asked me to help him with this website thing and with full intention to help him, I totally forgot. Just straight up forgot. THEN I started thinking about cats, and you know who has the best joke about cats? You bet your britches it's Nate freakin' Eubanks."

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